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People go to business schools to seek better career opportunities. In today's world, the most exciting career opportunities are often found in international markets. As China is already the second largest economy in the world, future business leaders must be educated about China in order to lead global companies. Therefore, more and more business schools are taking their MBAs/EMBAs to China for business immersion trips. As one business school dean in United States pointed out "We'd be doing our students a dis-service if we do not prepare them for China".

Despite its high education value, sending a group of MBAs/EMBAs to China can be a daunting task, intimidating even the most ambitious schools. In addition to logistical challenges, schools often struggle to arrange high quality business resources to construct a rich education program for their students. ChinaSense was built to be the ideal solution for such requirements. We are a one-stop-shop that designs unique study trips insightful business visits supported by impeccable logistics arrangements. Based in Beijing, we are connected with hundreds of interesting domestic and international companies all over China. You tell us where you want to go and what you want to learn and, we will handle all the rest.

As an EMBA myself (University of Houston), I experienced the transformation from an ambitious and restless EMBA to a pragmatic and successful international entrepreneur. When I meet today's students, I see a group of vibrant future leaders who are not only searching for new career opportunities but, more importantly, are looking for their own true passions in life. I truly believe that the more we see and experience, the more likely we will find what make us "tick". In our programs, students will be encouraged to move out of their comfort zone to experience the different business environments in China, the power of the world biggest emerging market, and the talented men and women working tirelessly to capture opportunities in one of the most dynamic markets in human history. Here, you feel hungry, hopeful, nervous and restless - all the right ingredients to inspire you becoming a great business leader and realize your own dreams!

Many of our students tell us that their China experience changed their lives and then, they go on to take the lessons learned here to change other people's lives. Isn't this what business education all about?

I am looking forward to seeing you in China!

Sincerely yours,

Jin (Jennifer) Pan
Managing Director


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