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China Study Trip Students and Faculty Testimonials

The study tour was a remarkable introduction not only to the dynamics of international business, foreign trade, and the Chinese market, but to the complex web of all that is China and the Chinese way of life. This experience has positively changed my way of thinking about the world--it has cultivated in me a deep-rooted international perspective that has brought the world closer together, while simultaneously fostering a greater appreciation for its cultural diversity.
I have found it difficult to fathom the sheer amount that I have learned in just a few weeks, both about China and about doing business there. The company visits were extremely informative and valuable, and I especially enjoyed the opportunity to interact with business leaders in such a candid setting. The cultural and political sites were a special part of the trip for me as well, as was the time we had to explore, experience the culture first-hand, and interact with locals. I also had a lot of fun throughout. Put simply, the China Study Tour is one of the coolest, most intriguing experiences I have had to date.
Daniel Milstein
University of Florida

In our recent (2012) visits to China, we were delighted to find that ChinaSense is truly a sharply focused service provider for MBA programs. The company had a clear understanding of the needs of MBA programs in both business and culture and catered its quality service with a good balance between the two based on their in-depth knowledge. We felt lucky to have ChinaSense as our partner in our China excursion.

ChinaSense makes sense!
Jianan Wu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing and William A. Copeland Professor in Business Administration
Flores MBA Program
E. J. Ourso College of Business
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La 70803

Working with ChinaSense was an absolute pleasure!  ChinaSense helped us plan a study abroad trip to Beijing and Shanghai with just the right balance of informative business visits and opportunities for cultural exploration.  All of the logistics were seamless and our hosts and tour guides provided invaluable assistance to the faculty and students.  The quality of the companies we visited and the executives who spoke with us were particularly impressive.  The level of attention to detail by ChinaSense was exceptional in every aspect of our trip. We look forward to working with ChinaSense again in planning a trip to make our students aware of the intricacies, subtleties, and opportunities in the Chinese market.
Lori Feldman, Ph.D.
Director, MBA for Executives Program
School of Management
Purdue University Calumet

In developing our first faculty led program to China, I needed to find a company that would manage the travel, lodging, tours, and logistics of our trip while enhancing the business backbone of our program. ChinaSense was the perfect solution. Their expertise provided me with comfort in planning our time in Beijing and ensured that our students had rich experiences visiting sites of cultural and business importance. ChinaSense staff were knowledgeable, kind, and helpful before, during, and after our trip, inspiring my trust in their service and judgment. I highly recommend ChinaSense and will use their services in the future.

Jason Ward
Assistant Director of International Programs
Warrington College of Business Administration
University of Florida

I had the best experience in China learning about its business world and culture thanks to ChinaSense. We visited very successful and impressive companies and the presentations were precise and current. The sightseeing alone was phenomenal. My favorite thing was bike riding on the Great Wall for 18 Kilometers in Xi’an.  ChinaSense’s staff was terrific. Jin started us off with a great summary on China's history and current context that made all the presentations make more sense. Our tour guide was very polite and knowledgeable as well (He seemed to know everything about China and then some).
I am very pleased with the trip as I now know a lot more about China and it’s mind-blowing growth process. I also made some potential contacts for future businesses. I highly recommend ChinaSense to anyone considering the idea of exploring China in a very efficient and enjoyable way.
Christian Gomez
University of Miami, EMBA, Class of 2011
Product Manager, GT Nutrition.

At Houston Baptist University, corporate visits are an integral part of the MBA program’s International Management course.  In December 2010, we returned to China for the third time in the past 5 years and we were extremely fortunate to have engaged ChinaSense as our trip arranger.  Jenny Pan, ChinaSense’s founder and managing director, has been a wonderful help from the beginning. The entire trip, from pre-arranged corporate visits to the food we enjoyed, was superbly organized. The staff of ChinaSense was tremendously helpful, and it is an understatement to say that the professionalism and courtesy of the firm’s on the ground staff was head and shoulder above many others I have personally encountered.  When a couple of our students were delayed from returning to the States due to visa issues, Jenny and her staff went out of their way to ensure the students were well taken care of and finally returned home safely.  I feel personally indebted to ChinaSense and Jenny, in particular, for a job very well done indeed.
Ernest Liang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance and
Director, Center for Christianity in Business
Houston Baptist University
7502 Fondren Rd.
Houston, TX. 77094

We have been working with ChinaSense for several years to organize a study abroad experience for our Executive MBA students.  We always come back to ChinaSense because of the excellent service they provide.  Our goal is to not only experience Chinese culture, but to provide our students with a learning experience in a foreign business environment.  Jenny Pan and Linda Yang have perfected their approach in both areas.  Our students have returned with a new appreciation of Chinese culture and a greater understanding of international business practices. 
I asked the students their impressions of their Chinese experience.  Their responses were in two areas.  In the cultural area, they mentioned the meals, transportation, entertainment, sightseeing, shopping and hotel accommodations as memorable high points.  Our students hiked to the highest point of the Great Wall, held baby Panda bears on their laps and bargained for low prices on high fashion purses and pearl necklaces.  In the business arena the students had conferences with Corporate CEO’s and worked with startup entrepreneurs.  Several students even returned with business ideas and contacts for starting a business in China. 
I would encourage anyone who is seeking the ultimate student learning experience in China to contact ChinaSense and Jenny Pan.  They have my highest recommendation.

Joe Harris
Executive MBA Program
Washington State University

With my eMBA cohort, I had the chance to travel to Beijing and Shanghai as part of our study trip to China.The great experience we had during these days is for the most part, the result of the hard work of ChinaSense.  Thanks to their professionalism, their flexibility, their knowledge of the Chinese culture and economy and their place in the world, our trip was a great success.
Their contacts with local businesses and their understanding of the needs of occidental eMBA student were crucial for our learning
Come Rene-Bazin
EMBA, Opus College of Business
University of St. Thomas

We have engaged ChinaSense to organize our last two EMBA trips to China. Ms. Pan and her staff did a great job in ensuring that our students had an incredible experience. While there are many agencies that can organize trips to China few can provide the combination of business and cultural learning experience we were looking for. ChinaSense did that and more. They managed the whole trip including flight and hotel reservations, visa processing, transportation, business visits, and, sight seeing. Their attention to detail and willingness to help made the trips smooth and memorable. I commend ChinaSense on their dedication to excellent and friendly service.
Mahesh B. Vanjani, Ph.D.
Interim Director of Graduate Programs
Professor of Management Information Systems
Jesse H. Jones School of Business
Texas Southern University

Global business is an area of focus in the George Fox University’s School of Business (especially our MBA programs). From our physical location near Portland, Oregon USA, an “emersion” weeklong residency in China has become a hallmark of our program. Our first ChinaSense led residency was in May, 2010 after several years with a different vendor. The decision to change vendors was a rather easy one. From the start of our proposal process, ChinaSense proved competent, capable, and caring. While the first two charter traits were expected, the third proves the difference between ChinaSense and other vendors. Jenny and her team truly care – about the students and their learning. The itinerary design was well balanced between cultural events, corporate tours, expert panels, and free time all of which served to inform learning. As noted by one of our students, “I can think of no better model for learning than this class has offered. We have researched culture and the challenges of international management, written in detail about it, presented our findings in a global setting, and experienced much of it first hand. I only wish all classes were this rich in substance and experience.” Jenny and her ChinaSense team delivered an experience beyond expectations – from the proposal process to the management of logistics to the personal responsibilities assumed by the ChinaSense team to make everyone’s experience meaningful was unprecedented. Our school has signed another contract and looking forward to our next experience.
Tim Rahshculte, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Business
George Fox University
School of Business

From the moment we arrived to our departure Jennifer Pan and her staff has been wonderful to our group. The company visits they arranged for our MBA class were very informative and valuable to our understanding of how to do business in China (and globally for that matter.) Jennifer has an excellent grasp of both the American and Chinese cultures, making her uniquely qualified.

Bill A. Sadek
University of Dallas, MBA class of 2010

ChinaSense went above and beyond our expectations for our MBA class visit. The trip was very smooth and every detail was worked out before we ever landed in China. Our visits with top executives at firms in Beijing and Shanghai were very insightful and relevant. The hotels, transportation and cultural visits were exceptional. Jenny and her staff made sure all we had to do was teach the course, which makes it very nice. We’ve dealt with other firms in the past where that was not the case. So, we highly recommend ChinaSense.
Sri Beldona, Ph.D.
Scott Wysong, Ph.D.
Associate Professors
University of Dallas

We hired ChinaSense, led by Jenny Pan, to assist us with putting together our study abroad trip to China for our Executive MBA Program. ChinaSense was able to put together a great itinerary of both local as well as multinational companies which allowed us to broaden our understanding about how business is done in China. While we had previous experience designing a program ourselves, we were interested in diversifying our company visits and including other industries. ChinaSense helped us do this, and they exceeded our expectations. ChinaSense also managed our logistics, and pulled it off without a hitch.

From a more personal aspect, working with Jenny Pan and ChinaSense was fantastic. Jenny understands the EMBA world as she’s a graduate of one of the U.S. Programs and is a Chinese native. That perspective and understanding makes a world of difference with our experience, and having someone who speaks the language is an added value of ChinaSense. Jenny was able to add invaluable insights on our company and cultural visits by adding additional information from both a political and historical perspective. From a customer relations perspective, she also went out of her way to make sure we were happy with our experience by frequently asking us for feedback. I returned from China feeling that we had a successful visit. Equally important, the relationship we developed with Jenny is that of a great friend. Our students equally felt the same connection with ChinaSense and Jenny Pen. And yes, we have hired ChinaSense again for our 2010 trip to China.

Brenda H. Daraiseh
Associate Director Executive MBA Program
Neeley School of Business
Texas Christian University

Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m writing this letter to praise ChinaSense.  I am a Professor of International Business at Wichita State University and was the faculty member traveling with a group of EMBA and MBA students during a Summer 2009 study trip to Beijing and Shanghai facilitated through all of ChinaSense’s excellent arrangements.  Jennifer Pan, managing director of ChinaSense, worked with the Director of our EMBA Program, Tanza Bauer, in making all arrangements for the study trip.  Her communications on all preparatory matters were prompt and complete and provided us with excellent guidance on all matters on which help was sought.  ChinaSense provided much useful input into the contours of the experience for our students, including lodging, contacts and arrangements for business visits and cultural activities, correct mix of activities, all logistics, and arrangements for our excellent local guides in both Beijing and Shanghai.  I’ve traveled with five student groups to Europe and Asia in recent years, and I have not dealt with anyone more accomplished or more pleasant to work with.

ChinaSense has many useful contacts for facilitating business visits and an excellent appreciation for the content desired by our students.  ChinaSense also worked with us in arranging visits to companies with direct Wichita ties, such as Boeing, Cargill and Cessna, as well as with the representative of the Kansas Department of Commerce in Beijing.  The time allotted for company visits was appropriate, allowing adequate time for presentation and Q&A and discussion.  Timing of the visits and their order were calculated to minimize time spent getting from one place to another.  In addition to the company-related activities, ChinaSense organized some excellent touring and social activities that were very much appreciated by our students.  We were booked into hotels in both Beijing and Shanghai that were optimally located for our students’ convenience.  And ChinaSense did it all within a price structure that worked for our students during a time of economic constraint.

I can’t think of any respect in which ChinaSense’s assistance to us was less than excellent.  By the end of our travels, we all thought of Jennifer as our friend.  Tanza and I are in agreement that Jennifer will be our “go to” person on any future plans for China travel that we may be making at the Barton School.  I would recommend her to anyone considering similar study travel programs to China.

Clyde D. Stoltenberg
Barton Distinguished Chair in International Business
Wichita State University

I want to thank ChinaSense for the incredible time you coordinated on our trip to China for our EMBA University of Houston class this past May 2009. It was one of the unique and memorable trips of my life. The logistical planning, attention to detail, education content, and just overall friendliness of your staff were 1st class all the way!

I have never traveled to China before; so all my images of China resulted from the media from TV and newspapers I read in the United States. Since visiting Shanghai and Xi'an my image of China has been redefined in a very positive image of China and its citizens. I enjoyed the selection of sites and the variety of different companies we visited. Again, thanks for the unforgettable and fun journey your company helped organize!

Jose Ibarra
Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch
University of Houston EMBA Program

On our recent study trip through China, ChinaSense provided an exceptional level of service. We got excellent planning,organization, and logistical support for the entire trip all the way down to the smallest details. The guides we had were very attentive, welcoming, and dedicated to every need whether it was transportation,lodging, even ensuring that our meals accommodated both the
adventurous or shy Western palate.
Our understanding of business in China was developed by meetings with executives from Chinese companies as well as Western companies doing business in China. Further, we were enriched by many opportunities to embrace and experience China from a historical and cultural perspective.

In short, there was not a moment of doubt that we were in caring, experienced, qualified, and professional hands. ChinaSense were our trusted partners, delivering the highest quality service,
great academic and cultural opportunities, and an unforgettable study trip.

Lebraix LeDoux
EMBA Class of 2010
Flores MBA Program at LSU

I have been beyond impressed by the level of support and responsiveness that ChinaSense provided during my entire business trip in China. From a student's standpoint, ChinaSense was more than able to offer a comprehensible image of China's business perspective through organizing business visits and school lectures incorporated with meaningful cultural aspects. Not only did I gain a broader understanding of how China is coping with its growth, but also an unforgettable personal life experience.

Suelen Morais
GMBA class of 2009
Silberman College of Business
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Our recent international business residency in China proved to be an invaluable learning tool for me, both personally and professionally. ChinaSense attended to each and every detail of the trip with perfection. They were able to assist our group in learning about the magnificent culture of the Chinese people. That information, while interesting in and of itself, is actually imperative for anyone planning on doing business in this emerging marketplace. Personally, this trip was a life changing experience, as I have already begun to look for international opportunities within China at my present employer.
Blake Webb
EMBA Class of 2010
Bauer School of Business
University of Houston

We have used ChinaSense to help with our China trips for the IMBA students for the last two years and its service has been superb. Jenny Pan and her staff have been extremely helpful with planning our visits, providing reliable logistic support and dealing with unforeseen contingencies. They are very knowledgeable of Chinese culture and business practices and willing to go the extra mile to meet our needs in order to make sure that our students have a memorable experience in China. Our students are very appreciative of their services. ChinaSense is your diligent partner in planning your emersion program in Chinese culture and business practices.
Hong Yan
Associate Professor of Finance
Moore School of Business
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208, USA

I was incredibly impressed with the way ChinaSense handled our entire China residence. Their knowledge of Chinese culture, the dos and don’ts, the education on how to do business in China, their selection of business visits, the speakers and the cultural venues all added value to our overall China experience. From a student perspective, especially being in a diverse class with students from different culture and backgrounds; ChinaSense went to great lengths to make sure that we all had an impeccable and memorable experience both academically and culturally.

Bashir Chuma
MBA Class of 2007, Global Business
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Management

Every year, when we starting the process of organizing our Travel learn trip for our Global MBA students, we face the same problems. There are many travel agencies that can take care of the logistic of the trip, but they don’t understand our need for the academic portion of the trip (e.g. lectures, business visits, partner universities visits…). ChinaSense was our dreams come true.  They understood our needs including the academic component, and worked with us to tailor the trip to our exact needs.  No detail was too small, and no request from us was “impossible”. The end result was a wonderful trip culturally and academically. I know that for future trips to China, we found in ChinaSense a true partner. I just wish that there will be similar companies like ChinaSense in other continents/countries. It will the life of people who organize such trips so much easy.

David Shani, Ph.D.
Director, MBA/EMBA in Global Management
Kean University, NJ

ChinaSense did an incredible job of making our trip one of the most worth while experiences in my life.  From a students perspective, I could not imagine a trip having gone more smoothly then ours.  We had a perfect balance between business visits and sightseeing, and I came away with a much better view of Chinese culture.  They handled every aspect of the trip with care, even facilitating a hospital visit for a sick student on the trip.  I was thoroughly impressed with every aspect of ChinaSense's operations, so much so that I have asked them to help plan my family trip in China during June.   
Charles Matthew Bullwinkel
IMBA Class of 2010, Global Track
University of South Carolina
Moore School of Business

ChinaSense organized our MBA students' travel learn in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. Their preparation was very detailed and thoughtful. Also their guide was very helpful and was willing to go out of way to assist the students. The visits to the businesses and the cultural venues gave our students intimate knowledge of China's business and cultural environment. I would highly recommend ChinaSense to other schools for organizing travelearn to China.

Suling Zhang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Kean University
NJ, U.S.A.

ChinaSense has been managing our Executive MBA program’s International Business Residency to Singapore and China, and we have been very pleased with their performance, especially with their transportation and their local guides. Their knowledge of the culture, hotels, cities, and business climate has been extremely helpful in making our educational experience come alive.  The level of personalized service and responsiveness to our requests has ensured a high quality experience for our students. We look forward to our upcoming trips with ChinaSense.

Latha Ramchand, Ph.D, CFA
Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs
C.T. Bauer College of Business
University of Houston

ChinaSense integrated us right into the heart of the local entrepreneurial community in Beijing's famous high tech center. Our students were grateful for the opportunity to receive valuable insights from different entrepreneurs and left inspired. We look forward to the opportunity of working with ChinaSense again in the future.

Dinesh Ahluwalia, Director
Center for Entrepreneurial Development
College of Business, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Educational trips to China are all the rage these days… However, far too many foreign business schools have no idea what to see and often miss what could be a seminal experience for their students. I have had the privilege to work with ChinaSense on several occasions as a speaker their client universities. Jennifer and her team are a joy to work with – they know what their clients want and will go to all lengths to deliver. They listen to the unique needs and requirements of each client and craft custom China experiences for each of them. I have found the course participants very well prepared by ChinaSense and ready to ask intelligent and thought-provoking questions. ChinaSense has both the local connections and the knowledge of foreign education to make each educational experience very unique and memorable.

Kent D. Kedl
China General Manager, Control Risks

ChinaSense is a trusted liaison between our firm and top tier universities wishing to visit and learn from our corporate experiences.  For nearly two years ChinaSense has visibly exceeded the expectations of the guests who have visited our facilities. The management has deep knowledge of China’s business and social culture and a keen understanding of what Western EMBA faculty and students require from a China study tour.  Our firm has worked with hundreds of study tour providers, and in my opinion ChinaSense ranks at the top.  

Cory M. Grenier
Project Manager, Lenovo Group


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