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China Study Trip Value Propositions
  We firmly believe that services should be local. Based and operating in China, we are keenly aware of the most current economic and social issues in the market. We offer insider perspectives and deliver a comprehensive study experience for your students to see the "good, bad, and ugly" in China.  
  As a one-stop service provider, we handle all your trip planning, business visits, and logistics arrangements. We are 100% responsible for delivering your entire China experience. When working with us, you only need to focus on your learning objectives, and we will happily handle all the rest.  
  We have a network of over 500 companies and NGOs from a variety of industries (e.g. Financial Services, Real Estate, Communications, Technology, Logistics, Energy, Manufacturing, Charity, Education). Schools can freely choose companies/speakers that will best serve your learning objectives.  
  In study trips, unexpected issues can happen. They may catch you off guard and require immediate actions. Since we are your sole service provider, we can control each element of your trip to make quick adjustment as soon as possible, while still keeping a tight control over your program quality.  
  We are not a travel service, rather we are an education facilitator. After hosting over 40 business schools with thousands EMBA and MBA coming to China, we have accumulated many best practices to deliver the most rewarding trips. You have free access to what works and what does not.  
  We have a bi-lingual and bi-cultural staff accompany your group from the moment you arrive China to the time you leave for home. This person travels with you across China, confirms your meetings, arranges trip logistics, fulfills all your ad doc requests and is available 24/7 during your entire stay.  


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